Antique 19 Century French France Rondel Triangle Blade Fighting Knife Dagger

Original Antique 19 Century French Rondel Triangle Blade Fighting Knife
Scarce French Rondel Parrying dagger from mid- to late-1800's in 15th-century style
from France with a steel pommel and guard.
Stiff triangular blade with hollowed fullers.
The grip may be an organic-based resin material.
Manufactured in mid- to late-1800's as a dueling dagger
used in conjunction with an epee' or rapier similar to the manner a main gauche is used.
This one could have been used in a Paris fencing school
that may have specialized in the art of dueling but this blade does not feature the standard fencing blunt training tip
so it was either for serious dueling training or for a real sidearm.
No scabbard
Handle parts are loose
19 1/4" total length
The blade is 14"
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