German Germany WWII WW2 Walther P 38 Leather Holster

Original German WW2 Walther P 38 Leather Holster

Original Item: Recently found in a warehouse overseas, these are excellent condition WWII production black finished leather holsters for the standard issue Walther P-38 pistol in 9mm. These holsters are all nicely marked with RBNr 0/0833/0007 indicating production by Hans Römer of Neu-Ulm, Donau. They each are also marked P38 and have a Police-style eagle, indicating these were produced for police use, or possibly export. These holsters appear to be mostly unused, possibly unissued, and were stock leftover at the end of the war. They are a bit stiff, having never been conditioned or put into use, but all are fully intact and ready for use.

German RBN Numbers, or Reichsbetriebsnummer, also known as the National Business Number, were an alternative to the 3 letter codes in use late in the war. The first number 0 is the prefix for "industry", while 0833 is the location code for Neu-Ulm, Donau, and manufacturer 0007 in that region is Hans Römer.

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