RARE US 1992-96's BenchMark CAROLINA HUNTER Hunting Knife & Sheath Box

RARE US 1992-96's BenchMark CAROLINA HUNTER Hunting Knife with Leather Sheath and Box
Re-inrodused by Jenkins / BenchMark
Knife is solid, no loose parts
Size: 8 5/8" total length, blade is 4 1/8"
Some history of Bench Mark Knives:
Bench Mark was founded in 1978 by Blackie Collins, then sold to Jenkins Metals that year.
R.B. Jenkins was President. In 1984, Bench Mark was sold to Gerber. In 1991,
Gerber sold Bench Mark back to Jenkins, who has started a new company, Hunting Classics, LTD.
Jenkins/ Benchmark then operated under the Hunting Classics / Bench Mark Bunner until they
ceased knife production in 1996. In 1997, The Bench Mark trademark was sold to Marshall Hardin,
who manufactured knives to date. In 2000, the remainder of the Jenkins / Bench Mark knives and tooling
was sold to Bill Adams. In 2001, Joe Dennard and Bill Adams started The Bench Mark Collectors Association, Inc. 
The Bench Mark is a registered Trademark, the property of Marshall Hardin and is udes by permission.
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